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Strategic Systems Engineering is first and foremost — a solutions provider. We believe that climate change solutions are not a ‘one-size fits all’ answer. That’s why we forge long term partnerships with the organizations and communities to ensure a better future for all residents, no matter the environmental challenges.

By using technology like digital cartography, elevation modelling/analysis, passive and active satellite imaging, we can precisely identify problem areas and establish an action plan that is specific to each community.

Flood Mitigation

Take action to slow, divert and redirect water in flood areas.

Diverting and draining flood waters across flood-prone landscape is an exact science. That’s why Strategic uses state-of-the-art technology to map, analyze and predict where flood waters could start or intensify and take corrective action before they begin or worsen.

How do you know if you need assistance with flood mitigation?

  • Spring water levels have caused or nearly cause property damage
  • Large precipitation events which cause high water levels
  • Cause high water levels excess surface water collects and impedes normal activities

SSE can assess your needs and devise a flood mitigation plan.

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Drought Mitigation

At what point does a persistent lack of precipitation become an emergency?

Drought is a challenge that requires effective water management and conservation. Strategic uses specialized modelling software that determines a vulnerability to drought. Our team uses this data to provide feasible solutions for the area.

What could drought look like in your community?

  • Water shortages that limit business activities, such as agriculture
  • Frequent or persistent dry conditions that threaten drinking water
  • Low water levels that impede recreation and impact the natural environment and habitats

If you think your community could be vulnerable to drought, Strategic has the tools to detect and treat signs of drought in the short and long term for a thriving community.

Water Quality/Quantity

New economic opportunities with climate-smart natural infrastructure.

Changes in the availability of water through precipitation, droughts and depleting ground aquifers have significant long-term consequences. SSE, with advanced data collection, analysis and modelling, can distinguish an effective way to increase water quantity and ensure improved water quality.

What could improved water quality look like for your community?

  • Improved agricultural conditions
  • Safer recreational activities
  • Improved drinking water quality with generally cleaner water

If your community could benefit from improved water quality/quantity, Strategic has the expertise to guide your organization’s efforts to improve water system health.

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