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A rich decision-making ecosystem


Geo-Design is a concept that dates back several decades, although you may not have heard of it. It essentially melds the fields of computing, engineering, data analytics and cartography into a comprehensive package of systems understanding that scales to fit problems from the neighborhood level up to the full jurisdiction. Many industries incorporate pieces of geo-design mechanics, such as planners, architects, ecologists and engineers but these often operate under a narrow scope, and in relative isolation to each other.

At Strategic, our business is to integrate these principles together to drive an effective solution that not only uses the scientific method, but draws upon the wisdom and needs of the community to participate in the process of full understanding – to form a full systems picture of how to drive solutions and policy going forward.

Integrated Natural Infrastructure Systems

At what point do natural disasters become too much to handle?


Natural infrastructure is just what it sounds like – stones, soil and plants. However, when utilized in harmony with the surrounding landscape, these components work surprisingly well in weathering the elements – and even most natural disasters. It often pays to keep things as simple as they need to be, while fulfilling the objectives of keeping the surrounding region protected from harm and adapted to benefit.

We value economic feasibility. Traditionally, it has often been more sensible to have a centralized large scale network but, due to the disruptions of climate change, the paradigm of the future is proving to be increasingly decentralized. Utilizing regional and renewable assets such as water and bio-energy is becoming more advantageous as we grow toward a better future together.

Asset De-Risking + Investment Analytics

Harness new economic opportunities with climate-smart infrastructure.


Tailoring your infrastructure strategy can be done through several avenues but at Strategic, we believe that working with the grain of the environment is the best way to navigate the uncertainties of it. Some pathways we offer even utilize infrastructure development that is fundamentally green in principle, but may not appear so on the surface.

Incredible advancements in the availability of rich spatially-explicit data have opened exciting new opportunities for improving the accountability and economic accuracy of estimating the total benefits, costs, and spin-off effects of infrastructure projects. We understand the importance of a concrete business case and go to great lengths to ensure our process and recommendations are in tune with the environmental engineering capacity we hold.


Natural Resource Management

Keeping logistics and demand as local as possible


Renewable resources and energy have been taking the spotlight lately, and for good reason. Being able to supply communities with a forward thinking and reliable ‘climate-compatible’ level of service over the short-term and the long-term is a win-win strategy.

Being able to understand the full power of the local landscape is a huge asset in being able to reliably deliver affordable services now, and in the long run.