Different problems require different solutions. That’s why we have a range of services, expertise and tools to help you every step of the way.

Integrated Municipal Engineering

The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. When it comes to designing and implementing a project, it’s important to understand how it will work for you, and how it affects other pieces of the larger system it is a part of.


How can we help you integrate and increase ROI on your projects?

  • Improve O+M efficiency on your environmentally-related operations
  • Deliver insight onto the downstream effects of making changes or adding capacity to your municipal systems
  • Craft financially and ecologically sound project opportunities to increase your resilience and capacity to deliver services


Wastewater Management

Strategic Systems Engineering helps develop waste management plans. By reviewing existing infrastructure capacity, we can identify potential engineering solutions to your specific challenges.


How can we improve your waste management strategy?


  • Improved lagoon and site operations
  • Identification of opportunities to improve efficiency
  • Identification of bio-energy supply options for local clientele

Water Management

Water is an incredibly important resource and, as such, it is important to ensure it’s accessible when and where necessary. At Strategic, we believe water should be the basis of communities – that’s why we focus on not only flood, but also drought risk and adaptation strategies.


How can we make your community more hydrodynamically resilient?


  • Identify ecological and economic risk and opportunity areas for overland and channelized floods
  • Identify ecological and economic risk and opportunity areas for acute and chronic drought events
  • Design and improve water retention and redirection efforts through nature-based solutions

GIS + Geospatial Analytics

Maps, data and information systems are becoming more ubiquitous and essential to governments across the continent, as well as the insurance, logistics and resource management industries. With the rise of groundbreaking computational power, we can merge these technologies to determine not only the ‘what’ and ‘how’ questions but also the ‘where’.


How do we do it?


  • Cutting-edge geospatial cataloging, presentation, analytics and distribution capabilities
  • Application of remotely-sensed, engineering, asset and survey data


The future of rural economic development will be centered on smart, robust, and localized energy. We believe in the power and efficacy of biomass-based energy sourcing – which has the added benefit of being renewable and dependable.


How can we deliver this to your area?


  • Drafting location-allocation feasibly metrics for bio-energy
  • Determining efficient district heating + energy options and configurations
  • Exploring options for maximizing feed stock regeneration using adaptive natural infrastructure

Community Resilience & Economic Development

Maintaining a healthy community means continually building and adapting it. At Strategic, we can help you do that with special consideration of the implications of climate change.


How can we help you adapt?


  • Detailed asset management planning
  • Design and optimize natural infrastructure options for climate resilience

Support Services

In addition to engineering consulting services, we’re also skilled at supplying additional supports to our clients and partners.


How can we shore-up your organization?


  • Find grant opportunities that are available to your organization, and help write them
  • Create strategic draft plans to work with your priorities, while being climate-aligned heading forward
  • Provide educational content (manuals, videos, workshops) on technical resource management topics, for the professional development of your staff