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Superior Data-Driven Solutions

We are data-first experts in climate adaptation. By looking at your region’s historical data and performing specialized modeling projections, we provide custom and intuitive solutions designed specifically for your community.

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Environmental Challenges:
Identify and Adapt

Data is at the heart of everything we do. With our data-first mindset, we are able to identify environmental challenges you may be having quickly and accurately, resulting in an actionable plan.

Whatever Your Size, Budget or Environmental Challenge

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Regardless of the size of your community or your budgetary allocation, we can – and will – take on the effects of climate change. We’ll help you plan and execute solutions in a meaningful and effective way.

Instead of trying to make your budget fit a solution, we work with you to determine your environmental challenges, review your allocated budget and devise a plan that works to resolve climate changes in your community, without compromising effectiveness.


Site Investigation


Budget Review



Fighting Climate and Environmental Impacts Requires a Long-Term Partnership

Climate change is happening, but we can overcome it. At Strategic Systems Engineering, we have dedicated our lives to helping communities, of all sizes, combat environmental issues. When you work with us, you gain a lifelong ally in the ongoing battle of climate change.

Client Testimonials

"SSE truly understands surface water management and they marry this innate knowledge with advanced technology (like LiDAR for detailed elevation mapping) to develop innovative solutions you just won’t find anywhere else. They've also done a great job with predictive flood modeling on a large scale. No one else could’ve come up with this state-of-the-art plan, with the ability to strategically engineer and actually deliver on it".

Jodi Goerzen, Manager at Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District

“With their expertise in watershed modelling, geospatial analysis, and computation, Strategic Systems Engineering has created an innovative solution for understanding climate-based risk in our region. Strategic’s professional team of forward-thinking specialists are enthusiastic collaborators in tackling complex problems, delivering products on-time and within budget. Strategic’s ability to communicate science and engineering concepts in plain-language has allowed us to participate fully in the development process, providing us confidence in the quality and impact of Strategic’s work.”

Colleen Sklar, Executive Director at Winnipeg Metropolitan Region

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